We were very stressed by finding bedbugs in our home. We tried home remedies with no apparent result.

When we contacted Kumar at Himalaya Pest Control, he inspected our home thoroughly and stated his recommendations. He explained the process to us and how he wpu;d accomplish getting rid of the bugs. We also had two other pest control services come in inspect and give their recommendations. There inspections were minimal and their plans unclear along with no definite pricing.

We selected Himalaya because Kumar was up front andnonest with us. He worked with us to prepare our house for the treatment. When we completed the instructions he gave us, he made another visit to make further recommendations for us to complete.

The treatment was completed and Kumar gave us instructions on what to do in the future especially when traveling and staying in hotels. I really appreciated his help in preparing our house for treatment.

We would give him the highest recommendation for anyone who detects bed bugs in their house.

Ken & Joann Lenz

Kenneth Lenz

Super nice and intelligent owner. He's hilarious and gets the job done. He'll explain everything to you, so you aren't left in the dark about what the process his. I would highly recommend hiring him for pest control needs. Also his wife is super sweet. I love the two of them.

Evan Dodd

Having bedbugs in your home is a stressful and tiring experience. Ours was more so because my husband is bedridden and needs a hydraulic lift to get him from the bed to the wheelchair. I say this to emphasize all the kindness and help that Kumar and his wife provided us during the entire process. Kumar patiently and thoroughly explained the entire process and helped us work out a plan for the day. With family help we were able to get my husband out of the house for the day. Kumar not only treated the house but the medical equipment that we used to transfer my husband twice--before we left the house and again when we returned as well as the transportation vehicle we used for the day. Kumar's wife followed up with K9 inspection one month after treatment. Needless to say the treatment worked as it has now been 6 months and we are still bug free. Kumar and his wife are extremely professional as well as compassionate. Our decision to go with the one time Bed Bug Heat Treatment was the right decision. Kumar has continued to keep in touch to see how we are doing. Kumar is honest and fair and we highly recommend his service.

Patricia Jones

I was lucky to discover the bedbugs very early in the infection. Still, it was very stressful and I felt unable to visit friends or invite them over, and what guilt I had going to work. I THOUGHT from the bites and the little rusty spots on the bed that they were there, so I decided to get confirmation. I called several companies and asked a lot of questions. Of those, Kumar seemed the most knowledgeable and easily explained things to me. So I had jhim come in for an inspection. He was thorough and showed me every sign and found some bugs.
Still, I called around again to find who would do the treatment, asking myriad questions, and doing more research on the side. Again, Kumar was the most knowledgeable and I was convinced this treatment would be the least invasive and actually work!
Kumar prepared me with details of my job and his. He even helped me take a trip that would not render my family vulnerable! (I use those tiops for travel and returning as well as buying anything from a thrift store to this very day.)
I went to work that day and when I returned he was packing up all the equipment. I actually felt safe for me and anyone around me for the first time in weeks.
Then Kumar's wife brought the wonderful dog who is trained to find those critters and he didn't. What a pleasure to watch him. What relief! Kumar would have returned, but there was no need. I doubt that they ever have to return, yet they offer the possibility, which gives one peace of mind. It's been almost two years now (I am remiss at writing this review!) and there has not been one worry.
I remember the trouble sometimes, especially when I talk to others who are revisited, but sadly they tried the poison instead. I am so grateful for finding Himalya Pest Control--it was well worth every penny!, and all is part of my past

Maryann Barnhart

Absolutely wonderful. Kumar and his team were friendly and treated us like family, but they also treated our home with the utmost care. They completely took care of every bedbug in one shot and have checked in with us since then to ensure that we are still taken care! We could not recommend them enough!

Kaitlyn Doyle

While I hope you never experience Bed Bugs, if you should, Kumar is the right person to contact. He took time to explain every step of the process. He is very thorough and treats your home and family like it is his own. I was home for the treatment and was very impressed with his commitment to do the job right. He is honest, fair, and extremely knowledgable. Stays in contact after the service to make sure you are satisfied. Grandkids loved him and he has become a friend of the family.

Ken Dickens

Got bed bugs on vacation in February. Had pest company try and get rid of them. They tried hard, still had some come back Called Himalaya Pest Control, talked to Kumar and he came and inspected the house and gave an estimate. He came and worked 12 hours setting up and heating the house. Fed us lunch and had the bed bug dog inspect after 30 days. We now have no bed bugs. I highly recommend Himalaya Pest Control. Kumar takes a personal interest in your problem.. Jim Hunt Cumming, Georgia

James Hunt

We never thought we will ever have bed bug problem but we somehow did, about a year ago. Thanks to the expertise Mr. Sharad Kumar & Maitri that we have been Bedbug free since then. Mr. Kumar and his wife Maitri take it very seriously and do the entire process themselves. They are highly sincere and professional and we would highly recommend them for any bedbug issues.

Sopan Chaudhari

Kumar was awesome! I was very concerned at the fact that I may have had a serious pest control issue. Kumar was very thorough and knowledgeable. He came to my house to evaluate the issue. When he explained what the issue was and that it was a mild problem that I could solve on my own, I felt so much better. On top of that, he did not charge ANYTHING for the phone consultation or the home visit. I highly recommend Kumar and Himalayan Pest Control!

Constance Enmon

Three years ago I had a bed bug problem, picked up from a motel.
I chose Himalaya Pest Control. Their method made the most sense
to me. I felt it would be the most effective with no toxic residues.
Kumar and his assistant were very ethical and professional.
They verified the problem scientifically. They educated me as to
what to do. They provided follow up, checking on me months
later. I am happy to report, I have never had a recurrence.
Thanks Himalaya Pest Control for the excellent work you do.
You are the best!!!

Gigi Gregory

This company is thorough, knowledgeable and very honest. I called thinking I had a serious (and expensive) problem. The owner came out, inspected, and gave me comfort in the knowledge that my problem was not what I thought and much easier to eradicate with some simple steps. I would definitely call them again.

Amy Abney

Himalaya pest control is the best! We had bed bugs before and the company we used did not get rid of them! Called Himalaya and had the best experience with them. They came out and answered every question we had for them without hesitation. They got the job done and it's been 7 months since then and were ate bug free ! Kumar made us feel like family and was there every step of the way and reassured us that he would get rid of the bed bugs! And he did! He checked on us several times over the course of the last 7 mo to make sure all was still well! So happy it is. Even brought in a dog to check out the house to make double sure they were all gone! I would definitely recommend him to anyone .
Thank you Kumar for your dedication to making our home bug free!

Theresa Ryan

As someone who prides themselves on keeping a clean house and keeping things organized, I was shocked and horrified to discover on July of 2016 that I had bb. I searched for images and searched for home solutions. I bought some diatomaceous earth and a steamer. I treated the house myself originally. Although I did notice some improvement, unfortunately it was not enough. My next search led me to the Trust Dale website where I found only one exterminator that he recommended for this particular job. I called the Himalaya Pest Control company and Mr. Kumar came out the same day for an initial inspection. Because of my treatments, nothing was visible on his visit, but I found one the next morning and ziplocked it up for Mr. Kumar's inspection. He came back the very next day and confirmed the pest. He discussed his method of heat treatment and the cost. His rate was more than fair considering the treatment process. Mr. Kumar came with his team just a couple days later on the weekend which was convenient for me and treated the whole entire house. Mr. Kumar constantly kept me abreast of all that was going on throughout the process and he shared the heat readings with me on his machine. I believe that he went above and beyond on treating my house. Mr. Kumar was not only very professional, but he was also very honest, reliable, dependable and his care and concern for my family and our situation was extremely genuine. Not only did he treat the entire home, Mr. Kumar also treated both of my vehicles. On the initial day of treatment, Mr. Kumar bought food for my entire family. The Himalaya Pest Control Company has since followed up with phone calls checking to see if all is well. Mr. Kumar even came back through with his wife Maitri and the K9 German Shepard named Vita who carried out the K9 inspection. It has been about ten months since the treatment and Mr. Kumar still remains in contact. I would never ever want to go through that experience again, but if I did or knew someone who did, I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Kumar and the Himalaya Pest Control Company. I was only able to give a five star rating because that was the highest option, but Mr. Kumar and the Himalaya Pest Control Company get stars infinity in my book.
Decatur, Ga.

Ariel Bolden

I manage single family rental homes. Weeks after moving into one of our homes, our new tenants discovered bedbugs in their couch. Their belongings had been in a storage facility previously, so we can only guess that the bedbugs came from storage or the moving truck. Horrified, I began research into eradicating the pests. I contacted 3 pest control companies, but the only one with real experience and knowledge was Kumar at Himalaya Pest Control. The other companies had no guarantee or confidence that their treatment options would work and that the bugs would not reappear. Kumar inspected the home, interviewed our tenants, educated them and me on bedbug signs and behavior, and proceeded with a thorough heat treatment of the entire house, furniture, and the tenants' vehicles. He followed up with emails, calls, and a dog inspection. We are 6 months out from the original treatment, with no bites or signs of the bedbugs. I wouldn't use anyone else to eradicate these pests.

Theresa Nelson

The first call I made was to Kumar and right away I knew that he was the one I wanted to help me. He came out the same day for consultation and that next week treated my house. Kumar was very professional and also very personable. He was very thorough and took his time doing every room in the house. He takes the time out to educate you and give you many tips on going forward. I really felt like he was someone that I known for years, that's just how he makes you feel. I know that no one else could of done a better job than what he did over all. He definitely deserves more than 5 stars. I thank him for all his help and kindness that he has shown me during this stressful time. Almost 60 days in bug free.....thank you Kumar, your awesome!!!!! I would recommend him to anyone needing any bug treatment.

Camille Thompson