Our Resident Expert Can Sniff Out Your Bedbug Problem

We'll bring our K-9 bedbug specialist to your property in Georgia or any of the surrounding states.

Bedbugs are extremely difficult to locate. However, where the human eye can fail, a trained canine can succeed. In addition to traditional bedbug inspection methods, Himalaya Pest Control also has a secret weapon – ZITA, our trained and certified K-9 bedbug specialist.

Experience his effectiveness for yourself when you hire us to get your bedbug problem under control. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Here's why you can trust our K-9 assistant

Here's why you can trust our K-9 assistant

You may not believe that a dog can do a better job than a trained human professional at locating bedbugs, but we guarantee you’ll change your mind once you see the results yourself. While the experts at Himalaya Pest Control may need a magnifying glass to see bedbugs, ZITA can find them with his highly refined sense of smell.

You can count on our K-9 specialist to:

Find bedbugs fast.
Reach areas that we can’t access.
Locate the source of your bedbug problem.

After ZITA isolates the source of your bedbug problem, we’ll make sure we get rid of them and take steps to keep them from coming back. Call today to schedule a consultation at your home or office in Alpharetta, GA.